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The Clearwater Swimming Pools Design Service.

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Clearwater Swimming Pools Ltd. have been constructing both private and commercial swimming pools for over 40 years and have built up a wealth of experience in design, installation and maintenance of exclusive, high quality swimming pools, both at home and abroad.
Clearwater Swimming Pools Ltd are specialists in their field catering for all tastes and all budgets, from a simple outdoor pool to luxury, heated indoor pools and pools in specialist buildings.

Our clients range from the Hotel and Leisure industry - creating leisure complexes incorporating luxury indoor and outdoor pools to the DIY enthusiast - using one of our Swimming Pool Kits to building a pool for the family.

It is Clearwater Swimming Pool Ltd's main aim to provide a comprehensive pool design service, enabling those who use it to make full use of Clearwater's extensive swimming pool building expertise. This service is for anyone who wishes to build a swimming pool, including architects, designers, builders and DIY enthusiasts.

Clearwater Swimming Pools Ltd also specialize in supplying Swimming Pool Construction Kits and Equipment for Building Contractors and Architects and also the self build enthusiast. These Swimming Pool Kits are designed to be built as either an indoor or outdoor swimming pool.

We would be happy for you to contact Clearwater Swimming Pools Ltd. for more information. Please call us on 01865 766112 or Email us at Sales @ Clearwater Swimming Pools.

Things to consider when deciding the construction of a pool:

1. The Location of Your Pool.

The pool should be positioned away from trees, so that it benefits from as much sun as possible.

2. The Size of Your Pool.

A normal family size swimming pool is usually 10m x 5m x 2m (32' x 16' x 6'9"),
Clearwater are able to cater for any size, when given the dimensions.

Due to the present day high costs of heating it is considered practical to restrict the size of the pool. Clearwater believe that it is far more sensible to have a smaller heated pool than a larger pool that is too expensive to keep up to temperature.

The following points should also be considered :

a. The filtration system will require housing, sometimes an existing building or summerhouse can be utilized, if near to the pool. Position the filter as close to the pool as possible, to obtain maximum performance from the pump.

b. Supply of electricity.

c. Convenience of pumping water to waste, to a drain, ditch or soak away. When the filter is cleaned a quantity of water is back washed to waste.

d. Availability of water supply, although usually a garden hose to the nearest tap is all that is required.

e. Proximity of pool to house, for toilet and changing rooms.

f. Possibility of using house central heating boiler for heating the pool.

g. If a gas, electric heater, or heat pump is used for the pool, this is positioned by the filter, and the cost of electrical or gas connection must be considered.

h. Most mains services are usually located in the front garden, however before commencing digging do a thorough check.

3. Should I have the pool installed or buy a kit?

This is your own choice, but there is normally quite a difference in the ultimate cost. The construction of a pool using a Clearwater Vinyl Liner Kit is well within the scope and ability of the average person. Many customers of ours use a local brick layer for the actual building and the rendering of the pool walls and floor.

Clearwater Swimming Pools Ltd. are always available to extend our advice and can assure prospective customers that the installation is not difficult.

Extras to consider for your pool are:

  • Automatic covers,
  • Automatic Top-up
  • A Chlorinator
  • Underwater Lights

There are no sites where the pool cannot be installed without full confidence. However, like all swimming pools and vinyl liner pools in particular, care should be taken when installing in very wet sites. Please feel free to ask Clearwater Swimming Pools for their advice.

Regardless of who our client is or what style of pool is being constructed, our approach is always the same, to give the best possible service to construct the best possible Pool.

How the Clearwater Swimming Pools Design Service operates.

Clearwater incorporate all necessary detail into your own design plans.
When you provide us with a set of architectural drawings indicating:

  • The location of the pool
  • The size and type of pool required

Clearwater are then able draw up detailed pool construction plans, together with any necessary information for the plant room. Drawings will be provided in both plan and sectional view.

Design Drawing

Clearwater provide a full pool specification, including:

  • Swimming Pool Equipment
  • Air Handling and Dehumidifying
  • Underwater Lighting
  • Any Special Requirements

All of this will be tailored to your plans and your individual requirements.

Sections through a pool

Clearwater Technical Engineers are able to calculate and draw up all detailed specifications for air handling and pool filtration together with the plant room required to house the pool filtration equipment.

Regular quality checks are made during building to ensure these vital elements of the pool are correctly engineered and constructed. Meeting Health and Safety standards and achieving optimum pool performance are fundamental to a Clearwater swimming pool.

Technical drawing of Swimming Pool air handling system

All pipe work, pump and filtration equipment will be specified and drawn up on the plans.

The plans we draw up will provide you with all necessary technical detail for you contractor to construct the pool.

Swimming Pool Design Drawings

Our engineering department will assess the project and provide a full breakdown of equipment and fittings required.

  • Sound professional advice.
  • Top quality materials from reputable manufactures and suppliers.
  • Tailoring the product to our clients requirements.

We at Clearwater Swimming Pools Ltd pride our selves in providing the level of service that our customers ask for - from our off-the-shelf DIY kits through to our comprehensive design and build service.

Whatever your lifestyle, where ever you live, a pool makes outdoor living a pleasure. It soon becomes a focal point of your garden and your social life, and a source of fun and exercise.

To view some of Clearwater Swimming Pools Ltd. many projects please visit either:

Remember -
It is easier to plan and build a Pool from August to December - to be ready to swim at Easter

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